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Tumbling equipment

Galtovochny car centrifugal
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Centrifugal galtovka - a way to increase of productivity In comparison with vibroinstallations the centrifugal Rösler installation gives increase of productivity at 10-30 times. Various types and the amount of such installations will allow to approach the solution of a task flexibly System of...
Group: Tumbling drum
Galtovochny car tray
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Galtovochny car tray The size of details for processing is unlimited. Tray vibroinstallation in most cases finds application in those areas where because of the sizes of details it is already not enough even the largest circular vibrustanovka. In particular tray vibrators are intended for...
Group: Tumbling machine
Galtovochny car circular
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Circular vibroinstallationsthe galtovka is circular Circular vibroinstallations Galtovka in 1000-multiply tested way - circular vibroinstallations. By means of vibroinstallations Rösler it is possible to process details from any metals, synthetic materials, and also wooden...
Group: Tumbling machine
Galtovochny car through passage
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Linear installations through passage Characteristic of linear installations through passage is continuous giving of details. Intervals between the processed details can be varied depending on their size and sensitivity. It does such equipment really ideal for an automatic galtovka. The success of...
Group: Tumbling machine
Galtovochny car towing
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Towing vibrogaltovka Towing installations are ideally suited for high-quality and sensitive details which need to be ground or polished without their mutual contact. The bearing roundabout on which about twelve rotating spindles are established immerses the details fixed on them in the motionless...
Group: Plants for towing tumbling
Galtovochny car submersible
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Installations for a submersible galtovka the galtovka is submersible Or several details are fixed in galtovochny installations of submersible type one on the rotating cylinder and processed in the motionless mass of abrasive bodies. This type of installations provides the accuracy and stability...
Group: Plants for submersible tumbling
Galtovka of long radius
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Galtovka of long radius Dlinnoradiusny installations Circular vibroinstallations of especially big diameter - dlinnoradiusny installations On the other hand, and it is the main sphere from application, dlinnoradiusny installations for single circulations and by that for directly transport...
Group: Tumbling machine
Technological means for a galtovka
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Technological means for a galtovka We let out abrasive bodies on a ceramic and polymeric basis which nomenclature contains 8000 various types intended for achievement of the best result in the course of a galtovka. Our technological means can be used for removal of an agnail, rough and thin...
Group: Tumbling bodies


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