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LLC Engineering Enterprise RUT - is the exclusive representative of the Rosler Company (Germany) in the territory of Ukraine

The leading equipment manufacturer of a galtovka, the drobemyotny and bead-blasting equipment, equipment on painting, the line of preservation, and also technological means is the firm Rösler (Germany).

We offer our clients two methods in which our opportunities are almost boundless: equipment of a galtovka and drobemetnaya/drobestruynayatekhnik. We will pick up the optimal solution for implementation of requirements of our clients.

The range of the equipment produced by us is presented by the most modern drobemetny, bead-blasting installations which in the best way meet the requirements of the market. Also we constantly work together with our clients on development of individual solutions of specific problems of processing of surfaces.

Firm Rösler - the only producer of the galtovochny equipment in the world which develops and makes all its components (cars, technologically means and the periphery).

At the disposal of those who use a galtovka there is a unique combination of a variety and a know-how. All this is supported and develops the numerous laboratory and test centers worldwide. Take also you advantage of this technology. A method of a galtovaniye of firm Rösler will allow to lower expenses really.

The variety and quality of technological means have crucial importance for profitability, productivity and environmental friendliness of processing. More than 60 years firm Rösler develops and makes the abrasive bodies necessary for processing by a galtovaniye. They are supplemented by the washing chemicals (compounds) and also polishing and drying means. We offer our customers the unique nomenclature of abrasive bodies which is including more than 8.000 names and not knowing to itself equal in the world on a variety and quality. We process only environmentally friendly raw materials and we place great demands on ecology of production of our technological means.

Products And Services
The car for removal of a facet of FEB R25
In stock 
Power of the motor is 1500 W Speed of 6000 min.-1 The maximum width of a bevel is 8 mm (0,32") The established corner with a radius of 2,5 Weight is 4,6 kg (10,14 pounds) Holders of the cutting plates are interchangeable.Thermo-protection
Group: Hand сhamfer removal tool
In stock 
The Kromkofrezerny system "BDS AUTOCUT 500" carries out cutting of an edge before welding, with automatic giving, without the assistance of the operator. Automatic giving considerably increases work productivity, and also reduces influence of a human factor on quality of training of an edge and...
Group: Hand сhamfer removal tool
The UNIT for processing of an end face of the pipes FE PRO 10
In stock 
It is applied at installation works, at assembly of pipelines, repair work, etc. Perhaps both pneumatic and electric execution. The unit is intended for processing of an end face of pipes, for removal of a facet from pipes (a tortsovka, removal of a facet) or calibration of pipes first of all for...
Group: Hand сhamfer removal tool
The car for removal of a facet of FEB 15
In stock 
Power of the motor is 2450 W Turns of 2500 - 7500 RPM The maximum width of a bevel is 1-15 mm The established corner 15 ° -45 ° Weight is 8,5 kg well with a radius of 2,5 - 6
Group: Hand сhamfer removal tool
The car for removal of a facet of FEB 45
In stock 
Power of the motor is 1500 W Speed of 6000 min.-1 The maximum width of a bevel is 8 mm (0,32") The established corner 45 ° Weight is 4,6 kg (10,14 pounds) Holders of the cutting plates are interchangeable. Thermo-protection
Group: Hand сhamfer removal tool
The device for sharpening of tungsten electrodes of Neutrix
In stock 
Sharpening of tungsten electrodes has to be made by hard disks with a fine grain for avoiding of formation of agnails and grooves at an electrode end face. The portable Neutrix machine carries out high-precision and high-quality sharpening of tungsten electrodes: üдля of manual arc welding by...
Group: Presses tool-grinding
In stock 
1 TAPE SAWS FROM TOOL STEEL The tempered cutting part of tooth in combination with uprugimpolotny saws provide high a nadezhnostyinstrument. Delivery form: bays of the required length and a bay factory upakovkis tape up to 120 m long, depending on width or the tape saws welded in the size...
Group: Band-saws bimetallic for metal cutting
Galtovochny car centrifugal
In stock 
Centrifugal galtovka - a way to increase of productivity In comparison with vibroinstallations the centrifugal Rösler installation gives increase of productivity at 10-30 times. Various types and the amount of such installations will allow to approach the solution of a task flexibly System of...
Group: Tumbling drum
Bead-blasting cabin production Germany under the order
In stock 
Bead-blasting ST cameras Many-sided opportunities of bead-blasting chambers: A series of installations for all who have a lot of bead-blasting processing. Eksplutatsionny opportunities are almost boundless thanks to adaptation options with use of rotary tables, oscillating and floating...
Group: Shot blast units
Galtovochny car tray
In stock 
Galtovochny car tray The size of details for processing is unlimited. Tray vibroinstallation in most cases finds application in those areas where because of the sizes of details it is already not enough even the largest circular vibrustanovka. In particular tray vibrators are intended for...
Group: Tumbling machine
Galtovochny car circular
In stock 
Circular vibroinstallationsthe galtovka is circular Circular vibroinstallations Galtovka in 1000-multiply tested way - circular vibroinstallations. By means of vibroinstallations Rösler it is possible to process details from any metals, synthetic materials, and also wooden...
Group: Tumbling machine
Installations on sewage treatment production Germany under the order
In stock 
11 UAH
Chemical systems of sewage treatment on a basis sedimentation / flokulyatsii are used where the technology of circulation is not expedient. One-time use of technological liquid is necessary, for example, in productions of the mixed processing of details of various metals, at the high content of...
Group: The equipment for water treating


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